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About us

Who we are

We are a passionate, vibrant and diverse team of development workers who think out of a box in building a health system that provides patient-centered care for pregnant women and children.

Our History

The National Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality Committee (NaPeMMCo) identified intrapartum care as a priority to be addressed in 2016. Based on PPIP data, 26% of neonatal deaths in Limpopo are attributable to birth asphyxia. The ELMA Foundation approved a small amount of funding for innovative pilot initiatives to address intrapartum care in Limpopo. The ULT’s project team identified  Respectful Maternity Care Initiative as an evidence based model to improve intrapartum care. 

The Limpopo Department of Health bought into a strategy that had Respectful Maternity Care as its backbone and hence the birth of Limpopo Maternal Care (LimMCARE) as a provincial strategy. 

The team

The current LIMMCARE LINC project team include:

Joy Summerton

Joy Summerton, a health systems and social scientist is the project manager. Joy is a self-proclaimed human rights activist, advocating particularly for the rights of women, newborns, children and LGBTI. She is also a certified Doula.

Tsakani Mtileni

Tsakani Mtileni is our Monitoring Evaluation Reporting and Learning (MERL) manager. She enjoys working with statistics and is becoming a passionate advocate for pregnant women and children.

Maphei Moshabela

Maphei Moshabela is our Clinical Mentor. She is a retired midwife with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Limpopo province’s health system and particularly Maternal Health. 

Clarah Chauke

Clarah Chauke is our project administrator. She has a passion for ensuring that our office run smoothly and we are all efficient in what we do. She comes with a wealth of experience from the private sector and make sure we think out of the box

Jason Marcus

Jason Marcus is our RMC Subject Matter Expert. He is a passionate specialist midwife and RMC advocate and mentor. 

Partners and Funders

The LIMMCARE project is implemeted in partnershio has developed partnerships with the Limpopo Department of Health ( and the University of Limpopo Trust ( 

The Limmcare programme was conceptualised with seed funding from the ELMA Foundation ( and initiated with funding from The ELMA Foundation, UNICEF (, Discovery Foundation (  and Discovery Fund